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introducing signshare!

Funded by All Children Reading "Sign On Literacy" Award

SignShare is a digital platform to advance literacy development by using avatars and storytellers to create signed content for young Deaf children to share, read, interact, and learn with.

92% of deaf children are born to hearing families, and this means support needs to be given for their language access and sign language acquisition. Early sign language exposure is crucial for building foundations that will lead to literacy development. 2-3% of deaf children receive education in sign language. This means many children lack access and exposure. This is called language deprivation which impacts their cognitive skills and academic readiness.

With SignShare, we intend to bring innovative and fun ways to create signed resources, for parents to engage in with their children, through using avatar characters in telling stories. The platform will allow users to create materials in their sign language and written language, with the goal of collaboratively building our global digital library of signed resources.

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Our Partners

We are excited to work with our international partners during the early stages of this project. Our partners are Merge (New Zealand), Canales (Argentina), and Kentalis (Netherlands). We will be adding partner countries as we proceed with this work. 

Project timeline

Sign On Literacy Award comes in three phases, and we are currently in Phase 1, which will be 3 months long. We will have the opportunity to write a proposal for Phase 2. In the first phase we will focus on expanding the framework and architecture of the project. 

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