We are creatives seeking new ways to understand the learning process in sign language and how to make tangible resources that makes learning fun. Our background is in science, art, technology, culture, communications, and education. With our varied backgrounds and singular interest in understanding how Deaf Children engage in learning, and how to create new experiences, we are constantly evolving, innovating, and welcoming new perspectives. Find us on the first floor of Sorenson Language and Communication Center building at Gallaudet University.

Bring a cup of coffee and join the conversation. 


melissa malzkuhn, founder & creative director

Best course? Hard to say, I'm such a geek. So to be fair, here's a breakdown:
Undergrad - Spanish
Graduate - Philosophy of Sign and Language
MFA- Black, White, and One Color
Coffee? Noir. Why complicate things?
Where are you from? Northern California
Where do you WISH you were from? I'm perfectly happy with where I'm from
What is the best part about being an imagineer of ML2? We're paving the road as it is. Being an imagineer requires intuition and boldness. And to quote George R.R. Martin, "Ideas are cheap. It's execution of them that really counts."

lorna quandt, science director

Best course? Cognitive neuroscience at Haverford College. It was the beginning of the rest of my life!
Coffee? Black usually, skim vanilla latte for special occasions. 
Where are you from? Washington DC
Where do you WISH you were from? the English countryside
What is the best part about being an imagineer of ML2? Exploring action, movement, and creativity with such talented people.

Yiqiao Wang, Illustrator / graphic designer

Best course? Savannah College of Art and Design’s illustration course
Coffee? Thai
Where are you from? Beijinger in DC
Where do you WISH you were from? In my studio
What is the best part about being an imagineer of ML2? Explore visual impressions beyond fantasy ideas.

Jason Lamberton, motion capture technician

Best course? Computer Graphics under Bill Millios.
Coffee? The Heisenberg method by Walter White in Breaking Bad.
Where are you from? Fremont, California
Where do you WISH you were from? Proxima Centauri b, the closest Earth-like planet to us in the Alpha Centauri star system.
What is the best part about being an imagineer of ML2? Extending the frontiers of technology!


jamilee hoglind, creative media specialist

Best course? Art 290 - Web Design 1; I never even wanted to miss this class once!
Coffee? Black with a big drop or two of vanilla soy milk, always.
Where are you from? Denver, Colorado
Where do you WISH you were from? Europe... don't get me started with the beauty of their architectures.
What is the best part about being an imagineer of ML2? Igniting my creativity to life and being able to take everything to the next level to its maximum potential.

gofaone patane, undergraduate student assistant

Best course? Art 236-01 - Robotics And Interactivity.
Coffee? Yes with whole milk and honey.
Where are you from? Semolale, which is a small rural village in eastern Botswana (Africa).
Where do you WISH you were from? Botswana
What is the best part about being an imagineer of ML2? Being around this creative community and also being able to explore many ideas with each other. This is the best thing as this helps my imagination run wild.