literacy development for deaf children with bilingual storybook apps

Malzkuhn and the ML2 team developed the world's first interactive ASL-English bilingual storybook apps, built on research from BL2 and EL2. The apps offer young visual learners unique and interactive reading experiences in ASL and English with animated illustrations that complement videos of ASL storyteller. 

The team recently released the sixth ASL/English bilingual storybook app, Museum of Errors, about a world where everything goes perfectly wrong. In a collaboration with Communication Service for the Deaf, the team developed The Giant Turnip, working with internationally acclaimed artist, Alexei Svetlov. 

Get the entire collection: The Baobab, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, The Blue Lobster, The Solar System, and The Little Airplane That Could! 

bilingual storybook apps 


story planning & development

Why do children love stories? It's because stories invite them into new worlds, to imagine, visualize, and join characters on their voyages or journeys. Stories are lessons within lessons and they define us - our languages, cultures, and our understanding of the world as humans. And to author Jonathan Gotschall, we are storytelling animals. 

A big part of this lab is the development of stories, the planning and execution of them. We ask this: what content do we want to tell, and through what medium?

story world building 

Our lab has worked with internationally renowned Deaf artists and creatives on a number of story projects: Yiqiao Wang, our Artist-in-Residence, Alexei Svetlov, Pamela Witcher, Tim Woodford, Wei Wang, Jacob Shamberg, Silvia Palmieri, and Izumi. 

We welcome emerging talents all the time - this lab is a haven for creatives and a digital playground for the tinkerers - we are imagineers in a culture of innovation. Check out our storytelling tool - VL2 Storybook Creator.