What is a CoLab? We are an ecosystem collaborating the global partnership of deaf-based teams from all over the world: Argentina, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand.

Our main objective is to create & develop high-quality bilingual resources for young deaf learners, and empower Deaf community in the process. Talk about #DeafTalent.

We believe in a deaf-led team, sign-centered of sign language users, shared values & goals, and investment in Deaf Talent. The benefits are to [fill in the blank] and we need CoLabs to [fill in the blank]. By fostering growth of CoLabs, we will strengthen our global network of Deaf talents in developing resources for young deaf children.



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Museum of Errors - ASL; Museo delgi Errori - LIS

Silvia Palmieri [Person of Contact]; Conrad Baer [Storyteller]

CABSS [Assistance Center for Deaf and Deafblind Children / Centro Assistenza per Bambini Sordi e Sordociechi Onlus]

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