my three animals - an asl nursery rhymes project mocapped and told by an avatar

We are investigating the nature of ASL nursery rhymes by studying the rhythmic temporal patterning. Nursery rhymes, as a practice, is integral for language acquisition and memorization, in predicting the next units. It helps young children remember, learn, and absorb language. While there are many variations of nursery rhymes in English, we have our own rich forms in ASL too - within handshapes, movements, the repetition of motion, and more. This project investigates nursery rhymes through motion capture. 

Made possible by a partnership with Mocaplab in Paris.

Motion is fundamental to everything, of our human understanding of how the world works.
— Remi Brun

Melissa Malzkuhn, Director, Motion Light Lab; Remi Brun, CEO, Mocaplab, and Benjamin Bahan, Senior Imagineer, Motion Light Lab. Paris, May 2014. 

Funded by the National Science Foundation Science of Learning Center on Visual Language and Visual Learning at Gallaudet University.